Final Word from Thursday, June 18, 2015

The argument goes that if Sepp Blatter claims he didn't know about corruption in FIFA, he's either an incompetent manager or lying. Analogously, if Andrej Babiš says he didn't know his brother had entered the Czech insurance market just as a key insurance bill was being planned, he's either an incompetent brother or lying. The Czech commercial registry doesn't lie. Babiš's brother, Alexander, is the legal representative and part-owner of Scheibner Insurance Broker of Slovakia, which was entered in the Czech registry on Oct. 16, 2014, as a branch. The Czech finance minister is now backing a version of the insurance law that benefits brokers. Babiš's usual argument that voters knew of his conflicts of interest won't fly this time. Voters could not know in 2013 that Alexander Babiš would enter the Czech insurance market in Oct. 2014. That makes this one of Andrej Babiš's most serious conflicts. Was he ignorant of it, or is he lying about it? [Czech Republic soccer football brokerage]

Glossary of difficult words

analogously - similarly; comparably;

something will not/never fly - something will not succeed.


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