Final Word from Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dagmar Havlová told Právo that she knows from her own experience that not everything negative they say in the media must be true. It was her way of avoiding the question of whether Zdeněk Bakala's controversial business activities damage her own image and her husband's legacy. Michael Žantovský, who heads the Václav Havel Library, tiptoes around the issue in the same way. He told ČT24 that he doesn't pay attention to Bakala's business activities and concentrates on helping him spend money on good causes like the library. The library's only Czech sponsor, according to Havlová, is Bakala. Not all of Bakala's money was made with the help of Bohuslav "Suitcase" Sobotka and lawyer Radek Pokorný (he also made a killing on AVG), but enough of it was to invoke Václav Klaus's comment about not being able to distinguish between clean and dirty money. Doesn't Havel deserve a library based on a more Havelian principle? [Czech Republic Interview widow Havellian]

Glossary of difficult words

legacy - something that is handed down or remains from a previous generation or time;

to tiptoe around - to avoid dealing directly with an issue or problem;

"Suitcase" Sobotka - our nickname for Bohuslav Sobotka, first used in March 2009;

to make a killing - to earn a large amount of money;

to invoke - to cite or refer to.

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