Final Word from Wednesday, December 2, 2015

While Czech journalists were diligently scrutinizing Bohuslav Sobotka's aggressive comments about Miloš Zeman in HN, Sobotka was quietly selling his services to China Inc. under the guidance of PPF and J&T. The New Silk Road memorandum signed last week by Sobotka is much more than merely a bilateral document; it commits the Czech government to representing China's interests within the EU. For example, it states that the signing parties "will promote the quick conclusion of comprehensive investment agreements between the EU and China." It also commits the CR to supporting China's Investment Plan for Europe and its Platform for Connectivity with the EU. Neither is explained in the document. In exchange, Czech financiers such as Petr Kellner and Patrik Tkáč will get help from China in founding bank branches there. Why was there no public discussion about this major memorandum? Because Sobotka was afraid of one. [Czech Republic Hospodářské noviny]

Glossary of difficult words

diligently - in a careful and conscientious way;

to scrutinize - to examine or inspect someone or something closely and thoroughly.

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