Final Word from Wednesday, December 16, 2015

After weeks of trying to drive home the dangers of the EET online sales-reporting system, newly elected TOP 09 Chair Miroslav Kalousek expanded his argument in today's Právo to include the new invoice-matching system. Kalousek said that Finance Minister Andrej Babiš is spending billions of crowns of taxpayer money on these two systems to create an invaluable database of information that can be used for hostile takeovers of businesses. This is hard to explain to people who have never run a company, but business owners know exactly what is at stake. The question is whether Kalousek hasn't waited too long to mount his attack. Invoice matching takes effect in Jan., and the first returns are due on Feb. 25. If Kalousek is serious about opposing this, he should direct his comments in the meantime to worried business owners and especially to the Constitutional Court, because only it can realistically halt the invoice-matching system. [Czech Republic kontrolní hlášení DPH VAT Agrofert]

Glossary of difficult words

invoice matching - kontrolní hlášení DPH;

to drive something home - to make something clearly and fully understood by the use of repeated or forcefully direct arguments;

EET - elektronická evidence tržeb;

hostile takeover - the acquisition of one company by another against the will of the acquired company.

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