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The first major public debate about a possible link between Martin Roman and J&T financial group came in the summer of 2009, when ex-spy Karel Randák provided MFD with 290 photographs and 40 videos of ČEZmen frolicking in Tuscany. Roman lied in print about not being pictured with any of the others involved in the political scandal and said innocently that he couldn't help it if other people chose the same place to vacation as he did. Roman also denied later reports about a connection to J&T through ownership in BigBoard outdoor-advertising company or EPH. A connection to J&T would be significant, because the company bought assets from ČEZ while Roman was the CEO. Time heals all wounds, and Roman has now made the link to J&T official. He and his partners are selling a stake in Smart Software to J&T. So the next time Roman is caught on camera in Tuscany with a J&T connection, he won't have to lie about it. [Czech Republic Italy villa]

Glossary of difficult words

to come out (of the closet) - to reveal a secrecy about oneself, esp. (but no exclusively) regarding one's homosexuality; 

ČEZman - (slang) someone who benefits illicitly and monetarily from a connection to ČEZ; 

to frolic - to play and move about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically.

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