Final Word from Wednesday, March 16, 2016

American talk-show host Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Donald Trump and confronted his alter ego - the real Donald - in the mirror. It was a "huuuge" success. What would Andrej Babiš the anti-corruption minister say in the mirror to Andrej Babiš the pro-corruption businessman? "Of all the people I thought might gang up against me to run me out of politics, I never expected you. This is a dirty trick. I didn't steal anything. You did it all. Stork's Nest was your idea, not mine. I don't have anything to do with it. I wasn't even around then. It's your signature on those land contracts. Why didn't you at least have Jaroslav Faltýnek sign them? Are you also the rat who's been giving information to the ČSSD media? What did Pokorný and Růžička promise you? Higher subsidies for artificial reproduction? Those are peanuts. I only deal in billions now. You're ruining my reputation over peanuts? How could you do this to me? You're fired!" [Czech Republic Agrofert Imoba farm]

Glossary of difficult words

alter ego - a person's secondary or alternate personality;

huuuge - the way Trump famously pronounces the word;

rat - an informer; a person regarded as despicable, esp. a man who has been deceitful or disloyal;

peanuts - a paltry thing or amount, esp. a very small amount of money;

You're fired! - an expression closely associated with Donald Trump.


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