Final Word from Tuesday, May 17, 2016

For perhaps the first time ever in the mainstream media, a person of significance has accused Andrej Babiš of being behind the videos and photos seven years ago of politicians and lobbyists frolicking in Tuscany. Ex-PM Mirek Topolánek wrote in his new book that Babiš and ex-spy chief Karel Randák organized the scandal. Everyone already knew that Randák was involved, because MFD revealed in 2009 that Randák was its source for 290 photos and 40 videos. Randák has also publicly admitted that he was working for Babiš at the time, but he always said that he was merely a middleman on the Tuscany scoop. Even Topolánek said at the time that he didn't think Randák was behind the actual snooping. Topolánek has now opted in his new book for a full assault, and the comment was picked up today by Blesk. The Tuscany vacation, the book's publisher (Euromedia), Blesk and Topolánek's current employer (EPH) all have one thing in common: J&T. [Czech Republic oligarchs godfathers Italy]

Glossary of difficult words

to frolic - to play or move about in a cheerful and lively way;

scoop - a piece of news published by a newspaper or broadcast by a television or radio station in advance of its rivals;

to snoop - to investigate or look around furtively in an attempt to find out something, esp. information about someone's private affairs.


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