Final Word from Thursday, June 2, 2016

If any leading world politician could get away with wearing one of those fancy new men's suits with narrow shoulders and short hems, it's Barack Obama. He has the perfect build for such a modern, youthful look, but if he tried it, he would get skewered, not only by Republicans, but even by some Democrats. Instead, he sticks to a standard, well-cut style. Not so for Donald Trump. As the Financial Times pointed out, his suits don't fit him at all. The newspaper concluded that this might be on purpose, as a calculated way to create a certain image. This shouldn't be anything revelatory for students of Czech politics. Czech MPs with considerable means have long dressed down when they knew they would appear on TV. Flaunting one's wealth doesn't win preference votes. Which could also help to explain why Miloš Zeman and Jiří Rusnok seem to have the same tailor as Donald Trump. They know who their audience is - readers of Blesk. [Czech Republic legs cuffs]

Glossary of difficult words

hem - the edge of a piece of cloth or clothing which has been turned under and sewn;

build - the proportions of a person's or animal's body;

to skewer - to subject to sharp criticism or critical analysis;

to dress down - to wear clothes that are less formal or less appropriate than what is called for by the event one is attending; to dress informally;

to flaunt - to display (something) ostentatiously, esp. in order to provoke envy or admiration or to show defiance.


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