Final Word from Monday, June 6, 2016

Milan Chovanec must have nightmares about hanging from a rope on a town square. How else to explain his obsession with making it at least a misdemeanor to display fake gallows at a demonstration? Chovanec issued a statement on Fri. saying he will challenge the decision of Prague city hall to dismiss his earlier complaint regarding a protest last July. Threatening any citizen with gallows goes beyond free speech, Chovanec said. Bohuslav Sobotka went further and said it's a death threat. What they both fail to mention is that the gallows weren't meant for just any ole citizen. They were meant for politicians who are (allegedly) violating the Constitution. Chovanec and Sobotka are employing the vast machinery of the state to fight their own personal battle. If it were Andrej Babiš, he would use Agrofert's lawyers, to avoid a conflict of interest. Let Chovanec and Sobotka do the same. Let them use Škoda Transportation's lawyers for this. [Czech Republic old freedom of expression]

Glossary of difficult words

gallows - a structure, typically of two uprights and a crosspiece, for the hanging of criminals;

misdemeanor - a minor wrongdoing;

any old/any ole - any item of a specified type (used to show that no particular individual is in question);

machinery - the organization or structure of something or for doing something.


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