Final Word from Tuesday, June 7, 2016

When Dir. Martin Janeček of the GFŘ tax authority was hawking the invoice-matching system to the gullible public last year, he said that he expected thousands of companies engaged in VAT fraud to be uncovered in the first month. How many have in fact been reported to the public by GFŘ since the new system started working on Feb. 25? Zero. But the invoice-matching system certainly has created a dream database for planning mergers & acquisitions and rubbing out competitors, hasn't it? The Constitutional Court had a chance to nip this abuse of public authority in the bud, but Chief Justice Pavel Rychetský declared on Czech TV on Feb. 21 that the invoice-matching and EET online sales-reporting systems aren't major issues worthy of urgent attention. Compare this to how quick the Supreme Administrative Court was to act this week in chastising a judge for a few politically incorrect blog posts. It's clear where the judicial priorities lie. [Czech Republic Television OVM fraudulent]

Glossary of difficult words

to hawk - to carry about and offer (goods) for sale, typically advertising them by shouting;

gullible - easily persuaded to believe something; credulous;

to rub out - to kill or destroy;

to nip in the bud - to suppress or destroy at an early stage;

to chastise - to rebuke or reprimand.


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