Final Word from Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Some of the original Brexiteers (albeit in the other direction) will celebrate the 240th anniversary of their withdrawal from Great Britain with a shindig at the U.S. residence in Prague today. Barack Obama was an opponent of Brexit 2016 and even made a trip to London in support of not declaring independence. U.S. Amb. Andrew Schapiro followed Obama's lead by appearing on Czech TV the night before the Brexit vote. Alas, the Loyalists lost again, forcing Obama to rethink his strategy. Instead of jumping on the Brits and telling them how much they would have to pay for their impudence, John Kerry called for people to remain focused and not to go off half-cocked. Is Obama more grown-up than EU politicians? Not necessarily, but he realizes that by fighting the will of the UK people, he would only boost Donald Trump's chances. Czech politicians out for blood against the Brits (ČSSD, TOP 09) might want to learn from Obama's example. [Czech Republic Independence Day United Kingdom U.K. USA]

Glossary of difficult words

albeit - although;

shindig - a large, lively party, esp. one celebrating something;

to follow someone's lead - to do as someone else does;

Loyalist - a colonist of the American revolutionary period who supported the British cause;

to jump on someone - to scold someone;

impudence - impertinence; disrespectful behavior;

half-cocked - poorly prepared;

out for blood - aggressively seeking to harm or to get revenge.


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