Final Word from Thursday, June 30, 2016

While Czechs are busy watching EU politicians make the worst of a bad situation, ČSSD a.s. and its co-conspirators are using the Brexit turmoil to tighten the noose around Andrej Babiš's neck. ČSSD is not only speeding through anti-Babiš laws, but even more significant is the slap in the face to Miloš Zeman. He was expecting a one-month delay in the police reorganization, but Dep. Police Pres. Zdeněk Laube will appoint a new NCOZ national crime chief next week, when everyone is on break. Analyst Tomáš Sedláček is right to lament in HN today the rise of non-systemic parties like ANO. What he fails to point out is that without ANO to use as cover, ČSSD would never be able to so completely concentrate the systemic power. By the time Sedláček and other analysts with at least a grain of independence in their body notice this, it will be too late. ČSSD will have have already overtaken Agrofert. Even ČSSD a.s.'s security division - NCOZ - will be bigger. [Czech Republic National Organized Crime Bureau European Union]

Glossary of difficult words

enabler - a person or thing that makes something possible, esp. something negative;

turmoil - a state of great disturbance, confusion or uncertainty;

break - a short holiday.


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