Final Word from Monday, July 11, 2016

Robert Šlachta of the ÚOOZ organized-crime unit went into battle against ČSSD a.s. but lost and is now out of a job. ANO, or should we say Agrofert a.s., is using billboards to remind us who the good guys and who the bad guys are in the police reorganization. While Andrej Babiš continues fighting the "guys" from ČSSD, he risks getting a death blow from a "gal" from his own party. We wrote a year ago during the height of the crisis at Prague city hall that Adriana Krnáčová was Babiš's immediate problem but that his bigger problem over the long term would be Development Min. Karla Šlechtová, because she seemed to be on ČSSD's side and not ANO's. This will be put to the test today, when Šlechtová will either stand up for her own ANO colleague, Transport Min. Dan Ťok, or she will fully desert to ČSSD and set in motion the process of handing the toll contract to SkyToll. Babiš lost Šlachta and is now very close to losing Šlechtová too. [Czech Republic Regional Kapsch]

Glossary of difficult words

to set in motion - to start or trigger a process or series of events.

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