Final Word from Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Perhaps we've been unfair to Milan Chovanec. Perhaps his purchase of a luxury Pilsen condo was completely above board, and his evasive and inconsistent answers to questions about the price were due to fleeting maladroitness. Perhaps this isn't a case of a politician abusing his position to circumvent the draconian laws and controls being imposed on the common people for combatting money laundering and terrorism. Perhaps a thorough investigation of the matter by the media would have opened our eyes to the truth. But where was this thorough investigation? The 75% of the Czech media that have ČSSD's back have largely refused to touch the issue, because it was raised by Andrej Babiš's newspaper. But so was the scandal involving Michal Hašek's fake spokeswoman. That too was started by MFD, yet the ČSSD-friendly media have jumped all over that one. Ah, yes, that's Hašek. He's Zeman's man. Chovanec is Pokorný's and Sobotka's. [Czech Republic Miloš Radek Bohuslav condominium press]

Glossary of difficult words

above board - legitimate, honest and open;

condo - short for condominium, a unit in a building or complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned apartments or houses;

evasive - tending to avoid commitment or self-revelation, esp. by responding only indirectly;

fleeting - lasting for a very short time;

maladroitness - the state of being inefficient or inept; clumsiness;

draconian - (of laws or their application) excessively harsh and severe;

to have someone's back - to be willing and prepared to help or defend someone;

to jump on (an issue) - to get involved in something very quickly.


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