Final Word from Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The joke is that Michael Kocáb, who helped oversee the final departure of Soviet troops in 1991, must be working for the Russians now, because his Kroměříž Appeal is a sure-fire way to get Miloš Zeman reelected. Kocáb wants to produce an anti-Zeman when Czech society doesn't want one, which merely reinforces Zeman's position. However, if done properly, preparing a candidate to take on Zeman makes sense. It might seem highly unlikely today that anything will get in the way of Zeman's reelection in early 2018, but things can change, and a candidate should be ready if the unexpected happens. There's no guarantee, though, that the new situation, if there is one, will call for an anti-Zeman. That's why Michal Horáček's chosen path - rejection of the Kroměříž Appeal, non-rabid criticism of Zeman - is a wise one. His chances of winning look slim now, but if the lead horse stumbles, he'll be there to coast in to victory. [Czech Republic presidential elections Soviet Union USSR]

Glossary of difficult words

sure-fire - certain to succeed;

non-rabid - not extreme or fanatical;

to stumble - to trip or momentarily lose one's balance; to make a mistake or repeated mistakes in performing an action;

to coast - to proceed without making much effort.

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