Final Word from Monday, October 10, 2016

"Is the interpreter ready? Could you hurry up? You don't expect me to speak a foreign language, do you? Where's Prouza? I need the talking points. Oh, hello, Chancellor Merkel, I didn't realize you were already on the line. I'll get right to the purpose of my call. It's been a hectic few days here in Prague. We did twice as well in the regional elections as your sister party, but our oligarch finance minister hoodwinked everyone and stole the show. You told me when we spoke in Bratislava that if I ever needed your help, I should get in touch. The European agenda is really at risk. The voters just won't listen. I've done exactly what you wanted. I've supported migration as much as I could, I've been pushing the euro and Industry 4.0, and we've made progress on breaking up the Visegrad Four. You told me my ratings would rebound, just like yours, but they haven't. I need that extraction plan. When will you have something for me in Brussels? It's got to be in Jan. or Feb. I don't have much time." [Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka Germany Angela Tomáš]

Glossary of difficult words

talking point - an item for discussion; a topic that invites discussion or argument;

to hoodwink - to deceive or trick;

extraction - in military tactics, the process of removing personnel when it is considered imperative that they be immediately relocated out of a hostile environment and taken to a secure area.

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