Final Word from Monday, October 17, 2016

Regardless of how much KDU-ČSL was helped by low voter turnout in the second round of the Senate elections, it won a fabulous victory that could be used to boost its 6-8% support on the national level. It won nine Senate seats after carrying only one region a week earlier. Its lone victor in the regional elections, Jiří Čunek, yesterday accurately identified the chief problem of the traditional political parties on the national level - corrupt activity that goes across the political spectrum, from the light-heating-oil scandal of the early 1990s to OKD and its aftermath. KDU can't pretend to be immune from this in the Sobotka cabinet. Marian Jurečka is showing favors to Agrofert at the agriculture ministry, Pavel Bělobrádek is in bed with developer Luděk Sekyra, all of KDU is cheating on Kapsch with SkyToll, and then there is the real doozy, church restitution. To truly get anywhere nationally, KDU must start practicing the Christian principles it preaches. [Czech Republic highway toll tender Andrej Babiš]

Glossary of difficult words

unchristian - unkind, unfair, or morally wrong;

to carry (an election) - to gain or win a state or district;

aftermath - the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event;

to be in bed with someone - to work with or be involved with a person or organization in a way that causes other people not to trust one;

doozy - something outstanding or unique of its kind;

to practice what one preaches - to do as one advises others to do.

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