Final Word from Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Utter nonsense," wrote one of the current Czech ministers in response to yesterday's Final Word. "The Soviet model from the old regime is used here in terms of relations with the U.S.," he or she said. "We can support one wing or the other of the new superpower, but once a decision is made, we must back the victor. Most of Trump's critics will soon forget their mistake and start adoring the new U.S. president." True to this logic, Jan Hamáček turned quickly to Twitter to gloss over his comment about Trump's posing a threat to the world. But what about Tomáš Prouza's nasty Tweet about Trump's "hatred and populism"? Right, Prouza represents not ČSSD, but ČSSD a.s. This commercial arm of ČSSD fears a Trump administration, because it might back an ANO-led government. And if Trump the businessman bothered to take a look at yesterday's sale by Penta of the Florentinum building to CEFC, he might quickly spot Czech loot from ČEZ, Czech Railways and DP Praha commingled with Chinese cash. For ČSSD a.s., the new superpower referred to above is therefore becoming China. [Czech Republic United States of America presidential elections DPP]

Glossary of difficult words

utter - complete;

to gloss over - to try to conceal or disguise (something unfavorable) by treating it briefly or representing it misleadingly;

nasty - unpleasant;

loot - money; stolen money or valuables;

to commingle - to mix or blend.

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