Final Word from Thursday, December 8, 2016

Andrej Babiš has always denied that he's like Donald Trump, but he now has it in writing. He accepted the honor from of being one of 28 people who will be "shaping, shaking and stirring Europe" for better or worse in 2017, and in the process Politico called him the "Bohemian Trump." When Babiš first boasted to Deník about the award, he even repeated one of Trump's most famous campaign lines nearly word for word: "I always did business according to the laws of the country," Babiš said, "and if the country had bad laws, that's its problem." Now it's different, he insisted, because he wants to pass good laws. This made him sound not only like Trump, but also like George Soros, another of Politico's picks. Soros told 60 Minutes in 1998 that he does amoral things as a businessman so that he can do good things as a human being. Like Trump and Soros, Babiš is basically saying we need better laws for protecting ourselves against people like him. [Czech Republic CBS]

Glossary of difficult words

word for word - in exactly the same words;

pick - selection.

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