Final Word from Thursday, January 12, 2017

Numerous private security and intelligence companies exist for providing information to governments and businesses, and it's nothing unusual for journalists to get their hands on the documents. The most publicized such report in the CR was Kroll's assessment in 2008 of Jiří Čunek's finances, paid for by Karel Schwarzenberg, which we deemed a "whitewash." It's a nice diversion for Prague to be included in a recent intelligence report claiming that a Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, met here with Russians about committing what could be a felony under U.S. law. This claim might or might not be a complete fabrication, as the Trump team claims. It's nevertheless interesting to read that Prague was chosen over Moscow as the site of the meeting/s because Prague was considered by the Kremlin (on Page 18-19) to be an "operationally 'soft' EU country." Now the world knows that if you want to deal with the Russians, Prague is the place. Or at least was until now. [Czech Republic counterespionage spies United States Donald]

Glossary of difficult words

clandestine - kept secret or done secretively, esp. because illicit;

whitewash - a deliberate attempt to conceal unpleasant or incriminating facts about a person or organization in order to protect a reputation;

diversion - an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns;

operationally 'soft' - apparently meaning that counterespionage is not at a high level.


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