Final Word from Thursday, February 2, 2017

Who says that ČSSD and ANO can't work closely together in this heated pre-election atmosphere? They might not see eye to eye on OKD, Czech TV, highway tolls, police reorganization, non-profit hospitals, migration, the new hybrid-threat center, the Dalai Lama or mysterious income from the past, but they are practically of a single mind when it comes to throwing more money at defense or giving military spies greater authority to monitor the internet. Foreign Min. Lubomír Zaorálek of ČSSD did Defense Min. Martin Stropnický of ANO a solid by coming out this week with claims of a Russian hack attack. The question is whether it was just a routine matter of manipulation of public opinion to pass a bill, or whether it is something more serious. By linking the alleged incident in the CR to the hack of the U.S. Democratic Party emails, Zaorálek was also joining the global anti-Trump insurrection. Was this intentional, and if so, who put Zaorálek up to it? [Czech Republic Television hacking minister Donald]

Glossary of difficult words

insurrection - a violent uprising against an authority or government;

heated - inflamed with passion or conviction;

to see eye to eye - to agree about someone or something with someone else;

to be of a single/one mind - to be in agreement about someone or something;

to throw money at something - to try to solve a problem by indiscriminately spending money on it;

to do someone a solid - to do someone a favor;

to put someone up to something - to incite someone to do something, esp. a mischievous or malicious act.

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