Final Word from Thursday, April 13, 2017

The world is headed toward some sort of major event, whether financial, military, trade-related or social, or a combination thereof. The CR isn't in the thick of things, but almost every significant Czech headline nevertheless reflects part of the overall picture of what is happening globally. The OKD bankruptcy is the culmination of three decades of complicity in New Europe between national and local politicians on the one hand and financially savvy capitalists on the other to create a business, political and media elite based on stolen money, progressive policies and warmongering. Rulings favoring David Rath, Marek Dalík, Andrej Babiš and Škoda Transportation show how the legal system is used to protect and enable those involved in this process. The list of examples goes on and on. One thing is common to them all: While the world moves inexorably toward the next major event, the leading Czech media invariably support whatever it takes to get there. [Czech Republic defense Czech Railways crisis]

Glossary of difficult words

in the thick of things/it/something - thoroughly involved in an activity or a situation;

culmination - the highest or climactic point of something, esp. as attained after a long time;

savvy - shrewd and knowledgeable about the realities of life;

warmongering - encouraging or advocating aggression or warfare towards other nations or groups;

to enable - to make it possible (for someone to do something);

inexorably - in a way that is unable to stop or prevent;

invariably - always; in every case or on every occasion.

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