Final Word from Monday, April 24, 2017

The first round of the French presidential elections, in which the mainstream media made it very clear which candidates were acceptable and which were not, is a good opportunity to contemplate what liberal democracy has brought and wrought. The world's leading liberal democracies are fighting more wars than anyone is able to name (about 10), they are destroying our currencies and our savings with their devaluations and policies of zero interest rates, they are creating a feudalistic gap between the super rich and the rest, and they are taking rapid steps to replace human beings with machines owned by a very few. Under such circumstances, how would "extremist" candidates not surface? In fact, defenders of our perverted version of liberal democracy are dependent on the rise of extremists, because this allows those responsible for the mess we are in to pass the buck. But don't expect the mainstream media to objectively explain this to anyone. [Czech Republic robots Emmanuel Macron France Marine Le Pen]

Glossary of difficult words

to contemplate - to think about;

perverted - distorted or corrupted;

to pass the buck - to place the blame on someone else.

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