Final Word from Monday, June 5, 2017

Economists talk about looking at things from the macro perspective, and politicians must now look at things from the Macron perspective. The buzzword is integration, and for Czechs it means mainly pressure for adopting the euro and accepting refugee quotas. PM Bohuslav Sobotka continues to reject quotas, and his interior minister is even more militant, but Sobotka is at least going along with Macron and Merkel in terms of the euro. KDU-ČSL and TOP 09 are also on board, while Andrej Babiš and ODS are opposed. When Macron supporter George Soros writes that the CR has made it clear that it has "no intention of joining the euro," a well-informed reader must wonder whom he considers the CR. The coalition agreement calls for preparing to join the eurozone, and the CR's top four officials are still supporters, at least outwardly. Is this Soros the speculator speaking, or is it Soros the regime-changer who is trying to prevent a government headed by Andrej Babiš? [Czech Republic Open Society Fund ANO ČSSD]

Glossary of difficult words

to weaponize - to adopt for use as a weapon;

macro - (in this context) macroeconomic;

buzzword - a word or phrase, often an item of jargon, that is fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context;

to go along with - to consent or agree to (a person or proposal).


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