Final Word from Monday, June 12, 2017

Miloš Zeman told TV Barrandov last week that the "servile" commentaries in Právo of Jiří Pehe, Alexandr Mitrofanov and Lukáš Jelínek are part of ČSSD's problem. This personal attack is partly bad blood on Zeman's part, because all three commentators are critical of him, but he's right in our view in terms of Pehe and Mitrofanov. Pehe is an internationalist of the Soros camp who is pushing ČSSD towards a "modernization" that, according to MEP Jan Keller (ČSSD), fewer than 5% of voters want. Mitrofanov sees Putin behind anyone who criticizes the institutionalized corruption of ČSSD a.s., and he publicly defends the criminal mastermind behind it all, lawyer Radek Pokorný. Like Pehe and Mitrofanov, Jelínek also closes his eyes to the overwhelming corruption of ČSSD, but he's more willing than the other two to give an unflattering assessment of the true state of affairs. Contrary to what Zeman says, ČSSD would be served well if it had more analysts like Jelínek. [Czech Republic criticism journalists journalism]

Glossary of difficult words

servile - having or showing an excessive willingness to serve or please others;

bad blood - ill feelings; antagonism;

unflattering - unfavorable; critical;

assessment - evaluation; analysis.

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