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KDU-ČSL is a party that promotes not only Christian and conservative values, but also the rule of law and parliamentary democracy. Under the KDU-ČSL statutes, each person is responsible for himself and his family, and jointly for the community and country in which he lives. If we believe ČSSD, ODS, TOP 09 and the ČSSD a.s. media, a one-party majority or minority government headed by Andrej Babiš would threaten Czech parliamentary democracy. Yet KDU is insisting on a two-party coalition with STAN. If the KDU/STAN coalition failed to win the required 10% of the vote in the elections, which the polls currently indicate to be likely, its votes would go disproportionately to Babiš, helping him to create a government that went against the stated values of KDU. It is therefore KDU's responsibility before God and His children to repudiate the two-party coalition. Unless KDU doesn't believe Babiš poses such a threat to Czech democracy. [Czech Republic ANO Mayors]

Glossary of difficult words

jointly - with another person or people; together;

disproportionately - in a manner or to an extent which is out of proportion, inadequate, or excessive;

to repudiate - to reject; to refuse to accept.

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