Final Word from Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Rarely have so many Czech journalists, analysts and politicians been in such agreement. Except for those firmly in Andrej Babiš's camp, most are convinced that the police are doing society a favor by taking steps two months before the elections to bring Babiš to justice and are in no way succumbing to political pressure. Nothing should be read into the timing of the police action, they say. Some who normally see a conspiracy dating back years between Babiš and Senior Prague State Prosecutor Lenka Bradáčová have even cited her involvement as evidence that everything is kosher. Some of these journalists, analysts and politicians are unwittingly digging a hole for themselves. When attention turns in two weeks to the OKD matter, Babiš's media will go to town in linking witness Bohuslav Sobotka to the crime, but the same observers who are defending the police now won't very well be able to point to the timing and scream "political stitch-up." Which of course it is. [Czech Republic Stork's Nest criminal charges]

Glossary of difficult words

stitch-up - an act of manipulating a situation to one's advantage; an act of placing someone in a position in which he or she will be wrongly blamed for something;

to succumb to - to fail to resist pressure, temptation or some other negative force;

to read into - to find an extra meaning in someone's words or actions that is not obvious or does not exist;

kosher - genuine and legitimate;

unwittingly - not done on purpose; unintentionally;

to dig a hole for oneself - to get oneself into a difficult position;

to go to town - to do something thoroughly, enthusiastically or extravagantly.

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