Final Word from Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Whether he's sitting in jail on election day or not, Andrej Babiš will be a free man in Prague soon thereafter. His immunity will kick in again upon reelection, and the police will have to remove the handcuffs, figuratively or perhaps literally speaking. Not so for the storkess of the nest. Monika Babišová doesn't have immunity, and the non-ČSSD-controlled police could decide that another in no way politically motivated method not to put any pressure whatsoever on the top čáp is to snare his mate in a dragnet. Babiš is already appalled at the gall (or is it gull?) of his enemies. How could they pull poor Monika into this? "All made men know that civilians are to be kept out of our mafia disputes." And then he answered his own question. "My wife only owned Stork's Nest shares for a few weeks and then sold them to her brother. What's illegal about that? Family members can't sell shares?" Sure they can, but once they join the "business," they're no longer civilians. [Czech Radio parliamentary prison pretrial detention]

Glossary of difficult words

cuffs - handcuffs; 

to kick in - to come into effect or operation; 

storkess - (extremely rare) a female stork; 

čáp - stork, in Czech; 

to snare - to catch (a bird or mammal) in a net or trap; 

dragnet - a net drawn through a river or across ground to trap fish or game; a systematic search for someone or something, esp. criminals or criminal activity; 

appalled - greatly dismayed or horrified; 

gall - bold and impudent behavior; 

gull - a seabird; 

civilian - in this context, a non-member of the mafia or of law enforcement; 

made man - a man who has been formally inducted as a full member of the mafia.

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