Final Word from Monday, September 18, 2017

Columnist Paul Krugman suggested recently in the New York Times that tens of millions of Donald Trump's supporters are fascists if they applauded the way Sheriff Joe Arpaio dealt with suspected illegal aliens or the way Trump pardoned him. Columnist Alexandr Mitrofanov of Právo used similar universal condemnation of ČSSD's members and voters on Sat. The party, in his view, didn't take strong enough action against Dep. Industry Min. Karel Novotný for a nasty comment about Roma. Nor does the party say anything in its campaign platform about minorities, Mitrofanov said. This is in line with its new direction, he said, and renaming itself as the National Socialists would be closer to the reality. Yet ČSSD's 2017 campaign platform speaks about targeted assistance for those at risk of becoming socially excluded, and the 2013 election document that helped it win the last elections used similar language. Surely the CR hasn't had a Nazi prime minister since 2014. [Czech Republic Gypsy Gypsies medusa Romany]

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nasty - very bad or unpleasant.

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