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Czech experts on China have done an admirable job of digging into the background of CEFC China Energy, which has made a slew of investments in the CR over the past two years (Slavia soccer club, Lobkowicz brewery, Žďas machinery, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, etc.). Sinologist Martin Hála indicated as early as Nov. 2015 that there could be a link between CEFC and Chinese military intelligence, which prompted CEFC's law firm Pokorný Wagner to send out cease and desist orders. The Financial Times reported last week that CEFC's chairman, Ye Jianming, sponsors a pro-China think-tank (China Energy Fund Committee) with ties to retired military-intelligence officers. Chairman Ye also spent two years working for an international outreach arm for the People's Liberation Army. The European Central Bank nevertheless gave CEFC approval last week to take a half-interest in J&T Financial Group. If this is a Chinese military takeover, Europe wants it to happen. [Czech Republic PLA]

Glossary of difficult words

slew - a large number or quantity of something;

cease and desist order - a document sent to an individual or business ordering that it stop purportedly illegal activity ("cease") and not restart it later ("desist");

outreach - an organization's involvement with or influence in the community, esp. in the context of religion or social welfare.

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