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The last time Andrej Babiš faced Miroslav Kalousek on Czech TV was on OVM in Oct. 2015, and Babiš came out of it licking his wounds. He repeatedly lost control of himself and used various forms of "lie" a total of 44 times. ("That's another lie, another lie, a filthy lie.") Babiš vowed never again to debate Kalousek on TV. He broke the vow last night by joining Kalousek and eight others on Czech TV. The tables were turned, because it was a riled Kalousek who repeatedly spoke of lies and liars. It was also a different moderator. Instead of Václav Moravec, it was Daniela Písařovicová. When Babiš dropped the bomb two weeks ago that he would forego a "super debate" moderated by Moravec and instead face Lubomír Zaorálek on TV Nova, it was mainly seen as a way for Babiš to dominate the airwaves on the eve of the elections. Overlooked was the apparent fact that it is Moravec whom Babiš is boycotting. This, too, will likely be a subject of post-election negotiations. [Czech Republic Television host promise]

Glossary of difficult words

to lick one's wounds - to retire to recover one's strength or confidence after a humiliating experience;

to turn the tables - to reverse one's position relative to someone else, esp. by turning a position of disadvantage into one of advantage;

to rile - to make (someone) annoyed or irritated;

to forego/forgo - to go without; to pass up.

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