Final Word from Tuesday, January 16, 2018

After some fits and starts, the lower house of Parliament is expected to vote overwhelmingly today against giving the minority government of Andrej Babiš a vote of confidence. After this is done, everything else will be up in the air until a new president is elected. If Miloš Zeman loses, there is absolutely no guarantee that he will appoint Babiš a second time as PM. If he didn't, it would throw the spotlight on Jiří Drahoš, who has said repeatedly that he wouldn't appoint Babiš as PM, given the criminal charge hanging over him. What, then, would Pres. Drahoš do? Implore Babiš to step aside and to nominate Richard Brabec as PM? Or pass the baton to ODS Chair Petr Fiala, who would fall flat on his face the moment he tried to create the majority government he keeps insisting on? One of the main debate questions will be how to resolve the government impasse. Zeman has made his proposal clear (ANO+ČSSD, with KSČM tolerance). What is Drahoš's plan? [Czech Republic cabinet ANO Communists]

Glossary of difficult words

fits and starts - inconsistent motion; stops and starts;

up in the air - (of a plan or issue) still to be settled; unresolved;

to implore - to beg someone earnestly or desperately to do something;

to pass the baton - to hand over a particular duty or responsibility;

to fall on one's face - to fail thoroughly or in a spectacular or embarrassing way;

impasse - a situation in which no progress is possible, esp. because of disagreement; a deadlock.


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