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Just as a person charged with a crime may use whatever means he or she chooses to construct a defense until a court decides, politicians may say whatever they want until someone calls them on it. There's no law preventing MP Jan Chvojka of ČSSD from saying that, "It's possible that Zeman himself will realize it isn't appropriate for him to appoint Andrej Babiš a second time as PM, and maybe he'll appoint someone else from from ANO." Chvojka can say whatever he wants ... until someone calls him on it. The reality is that Zeman isn't free to appoint anyone else from ANO unless that person agrees to it. Other­wise it would be a violation of Art. 9 of the Bill of Rights ("No one may be subjected to forced labor or service.") And for that person to agree to it (and to remain in ANO), he or she would have to have Babiš's permission. The bottom line: Unless anti-Babiš comes up with 101 votes or there are new elections, Babiš will be PM until Babiš decides otherwise. [Czech Republic prime minister early parliamentary]

Glossary of difficult words

to call someone on something - to challenge someone to prove that his or her claims or boasts are true;

bottom line - the fundamental and most important factor.

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