Final Word from Tuesday, March 6, 2018

In looking for reasons for why Slovak Pres. Andrej Kiska "took the side of the opposition, which speaks of the need for a coup," Slovak PM Robert Fico suggested yesterday that George Soros is behind an attempt to bring about the "total destabilization" of the country. Soros denied any involvement. If Fico was intent on finding an outside enemy, he could have turned to the German-Slovak Chamber of Commerce. Its board issued a statement last week (in Slovak, in German) calling for Slovak officials to take personal responsibility for the corruption. FAZ understood this to mean that the Chamber wanted more resignations. In the CR, foreign chambers have also been in the forefront of the rather ineffective battle against corruption, but never to our knowledge have they gone as far as to side with the opposition and to call for cabinet ministers to resign. This is a fight that few companies want. Fico apparently doesn't want it either. He decided to pick on Soros instead. [Czech Republic Slovakia Ján Kuciak journalist murder]

Glossary of difficult words

to be intent (on doing something) - to be determined (to do something);

forefront - the leading or most important position or place;

to pick on someone - to single someone out for criticism in a way perceived to be unfair.

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