Final Word from Monday, May 7, 2018

Vengefulness is rife among politicians of any nationality, and taking steps to demean or sideline sworn enemies is often a wise tactic in such a cut-throat business. Rarely, though, do politicians broadcast their retribution plans in advance. Miloš Zeman's sense of vengeance is unusually well-developed, and it's even more unusual that he openly talks about those he intends to exact it upon. He has spoken repeatedly about the regional governors who campaigned against him. He's more circumspect when it comes to Chair Dana Drábová of the SÚJB nuclear-safety office, perhaps because it would seem cheap to attack a woman, esp. after sharing such a famous public kiss with her. Yet when Zeman complains that the SÚJB confused the public about how Novichok was produced in the CR, you can bet your life (or take poison on it, as the Czechs say) that it is in part an act of vengeance against Drábová for supporting Jiří Drahoš in the presidential elections. [Czech Republic Skripal]

Glossary of difficult words

wrath - extreme anger;

vengefulness - the desire to seek to harm someone in return for a perceived injury;

rife - of common occurrence; widespread;

to demean - to cause a severe loss in the dignity of and respect for (someone or something);

cut-throat - (of a competitive situation or activity) fierce and intense;

to exact - to inflict (revenge) on someone;

circumspect - wary and unwilling to take risks


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