Final Word from Tuesday, June 19, 2018

For months the anti-Babiš movement said that if Andrej Babiš would only step aside, a "democratic" government could be created in a flash. Babiš always rejected this, arguing that if it's not the criminal charges against him, his enemies will find another reason to refuse to accept an ANO-led government. Babiš and the "non-democratic" Communists are now paying back these detractors by declaring that it is Miroslav Poche who is blocking the government. Babiš's MFD put the message on its front page today, after Communist Chair Vojtěch Filip got the ball rolling on Czech TV on Sun. by saying that Poche is being selfish. But isn't it a bit unfair of ANO to use this tactic against ČSSD? After all, it refused to join the Democratic Bloc and mostly stayed out of the months-long Babiš-bashing. The glaring exception was Milan Chovanec. He issued an entire anti-Babiš proclamation on Jan. 25. Is this the real issue? Do Babiš and Zeman consider Poche the ghost of Chovanec? [Czech Republic Sobotka II Television]

Glossary of difficult words

in a flash - very quickly; immediately;

detractor - a person who criticizes or disparages someone;

to get/start the ball rolling - to cause something to start happening;

to bash - to criticize or oppose fiercely;

glaring - highly obvious or conspicuous.


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