Final Word from Monday, July 9, 2018

Rudolf Jindrák of the Castle's foreign dept. confided to Blesk today that there is maximum interest in a meeting in Shanghai in early Nov. between Miloš Zeman and Xi Jinping. Jindrák hopes that the CEFC Europe chapter can be put to rest, now that CITIC has bought the Czech holding company. However, it might not be so easy. The ÚOHS antitrust office did indeed announce at the end of June that it had granted approval for CITIC Group's Hengxin Enterprises Ltd. to take full control of CEFC Europe and Lapasan. What's strange about this is that Hengxin is registered in the British Virgin Islands at an address used by both CITIC and numerous Czech entities. Despite the statement by Petr Rafaj's antitrust office, there is no publicly available evidence in English or Czech that Hengxin is owned 100% by CITIC. This is a repeat of the murky ownership structure of CEFC, with the major difference that CITIC isn't a private entity. This is now state-sponsored Chinese murkiness. [Czech Republic offshore]

Glossary of difficult words

murkiness - the state of being obscure or morally questionable;

to put to rest - to bring to an end.


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