Final Word from Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Unlike the senior Trump-administration official who wrote an anonymous editorial in the New York Times last month, Miroslav Poche of the foreign ministry isn't afraid to state his objections to his own ultimate boss on the record. He never misses a chance in an interview to criticize Andrej Babiš for such things as the cabinet's "uncritical support" of Benjamin Netanyahu, Babiš's leanings toward Viktor Orban and the refusal to accept even one refugee. These are legitimate policy differences. Where Poche potentially crosses the line is when he casts doubt on whether the Babiš government will survive until the middle of next year. Poche said in Právo today that he might return to the foreign ministry next year, "if this government still exists." He seems to be signaling, just as the anonymous Trump official did, that the sooner the source of the problem is removed, the better. In other words, the Resistance inside the Babiš administration will endure until Babiš is out of office. [ Czech Republic Donald political secretary ]

Glossary of difficult words

to endure - to remain in existence; to last.


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