Final Word from Monday, October 15, 2018

The Senate results weren't even in yet, and Andrej Babiš was already positioning himself in Deník on Sat. for the next elections. Each EU country should decide its own energy policy, Babiš said, thereby adding energy and emissions to the list of euro-skeptic issues that he started in July by declaring migration to be the most important topic for the EU elections in May 2019. ANO's biggest political rival, ODS, scored two victories in the municipal and Senate elections and needs a third to become the "Reasonable Alternative for Czechland" in the next parliamentary elections that it wants to be. In the last EU elections it did only half as well as ANO, and it needs to steal the show this time. But how? Should it try to out-Right Babiš by moving even closer to Viktor Orban? Or should it bet heavily on the "reasonable" part of its slogan and try to set itself apart from Alternative für Deutschland while still piggybacking on its name? How many voters really want "reasonable" anymore? [ Czech Republic AfD Germany European Union euroskepticism second-round ]

Glossary of difficult words

to be in (of election results, sports results or other news) - to have been reported;

to steal the show - to attract the most attention;

to out-Right - to go even further to the Right;

to piggyback on - to take advantage of something that someone else has thought of or done; to ride on someone's back and shoulders.


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