Final Word from Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Jiří Pospíšil is doing to Zdeněk Hřib what Miroslav Kalousek is doing to him. Pospíšil is gently undermining Hřib's authority and waiting for him to fail. He was pushed into this by Kalousek. Pospíšil could fulfill his ambition of being the mayor of Prague if he agreed on some sort of coalition or minority government with ODS and ANO, but Kalousek will not allow it, even if entering a government with the Pirates carries the risk of consigning TOP 09 to the dustbin of history. Kalousek remains the main face of his party, despite having the worst negative rating (78%) of all politicians ranked by CVVM. Instead of the compromise-seeking Pospíšil, or the elegant-even-when-ascerbic Karel Schwarzenberg, Kalousek is the one in TOP 09 seen and heard the most. The result is a TOP 09 at 2.1% in the latest STEM poll. Chances are fairly good that Pospíšil's strategy will work and that he will eventually become the lord mayor of Prague. If he still has a party left. [ Czech Republic Party ]

Glossary of difficult words

to consign - to put someone or something in (a place) in order to be rid of it, him or her;

dustbin/ash heap of history - irrelevance;

acerbic - (esp. of a comment or style of speaking) sharp and forthright.


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