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The Crimean War roiling Czech politics is a family affair that would give Sly Stone something to sing about. At the center are the Babišes (Andrej Sr., Andrej Jr., Beata, Adriana). In supporting roles are the Protopopovs (Petr, Dita), who held an involuntary-commitment order to young Andy's head and whisked him kicking and screaming across enemy lines into Crimea. Chronicling this is the family partnership of investigative reporter Sabina Slonková and Editor-in-chief Jakub Unger of Seznam, aided by the trusted brother figure Jiří Kubík. Advance media and ongoing protest support has been provided by Daniel, Mikuláš and Janek Kroupa. Waiting in the wings is now Seznam owner Ivo Lukačovič, whose family no one has ever seen but who has been put on notice by MFD for delving into Andy's medical history. All told: Five Families and a feud of monumental proportions. As with the original Five Families, it's hard to know who the good guys are, if any. [ Czech Republic oligarchs Protopopová mental psychiatric ward health ]

Glossary of difficult words

to roil - to make (a liquid) turbid or muddy by disturbing the sediment;

involuntary-commitment order - an order to commit a person against his or her will to a psychiatric ward;

to whisk off/away - to take or move (someone or something) somewhere suddenly and quickly;

advance - done, sent, or supplied beforehand;

in the wings - ready to do something or to be used at the appropriate time;

to put on notice - to warn someone of something about or likely to occur, esp. in a formal or threatening manner;

to delve into - to research or make painstaking enquiries into something;

feud - a state of prolonged mutual hostility, typically between two families or communities, characterized by murderous assaults in revenge for previous injuries;

all told - in total.

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