Final Word from Tuesday, November 27, 2018

On average, Czech politicians aren't very popular. The average popularity rating of 29 top politicians in the latest CVVM poll in Sept. was 19.0%. Only one politician had a higher popularity rating than unpopularity rating, and that was Chief Justice Pavel Rychetský of the Constitutional Court, who would actually violate the law if he were a politician. Of the other 28 leading politicians, 17 are so blah that they had a higher "don't know him or her" rating than a popularity or unpopularity figure. PM Andrej Babiš was the No. 3 most-popular politician and the No. 1 most-unpopular. A full 53% of respondents didn't like him in Sept., whereas 40% did. These numbers are nothing sensational given the company Babiš was in. On average, remember, Czech politicians aren't very popular. Yet Czech TV provided the sensational news on Sun. that, according to a new Kantar CZ poll, 60% of respondents don't like Babiš. And? What about some context? Is this statistically worse than his rating before the latest scandal began? ČT didn't address this issue at all, because that isn't the role of the opposition media. [ Czech Republic Television approval credibility ]

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blah - dull or unexciting.

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