Final Word from Monday, December 10, 2018

German politics were disrupted for weeks when Hans-Georg Maassen, as head of the BfV counterintelligence office, questioned the veracity of videos showing far-right extremists hounding migrants. Maassen was forced out of office for getting too political. In the U.S., Donald Trump has been hounded from Day One by past and present intelligence officers who call him a traitor and says he is working against the national interest. A highly classified CIA document that was leaked in Nov. severely complicated his efforts to iron things out with Saudi Arabia with regard to the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Someone in the CIA wanted to correct Trump's policy. Miloš Zeman's ongoing battle with the BIS intelligence agency should be considered in a similar light. Is Zeman peeved at BIS Dir. Michal Kou­delka merely because of their fairly minor Novichok dispute? Or is the real issue the BIS insinuation that a bigger security risk than Russia or terrorism is Zeman himself? [ Czech Republic FBI Deep State BFV Maaßen Germany ]

Glossary of difficult words

veracity - accuracy; truthfulness;

to hound - to harass, persecute, or pursue relentlessly;

to peeve - to irritate; to make (someone) rather annoyed.

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