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A GM of a Czech company calls a board meeting and tells his team, "This is what I want you to do. Find out how much Babiš made with that nonexistent pseudo-crime called Stork's Nest. It was brilliant, and we can learn from it." The next day the police come knocking on his door and arrest him under Para. 365 of the criminal code - publicly expressing one's approval for a criminal act. The GM is stunned. "Publicly? It was a goddam board meeting behind closed doors on the executive floor." The police inspector calmly responds, "There were four people present, which makes it a public statement under Para. 117. If there had only been two other board members present, you'd be home free. But there were four of you, and one of them gave us a tape that he secretly made. It's just like MP Rozner and his nonexistent pseudo-concentration camp. Look, sir, I don't make the laws, I just enforce them. Regimes change, but they all do the same thing to hang onto power. Look on the bright side. Where you're going, you'll have lots of time to learn other dirty tricks. Maybe we can put you in a cell with Babiš." [ Czech Republic general manager chairman penal Andrej ]

Glossary of difficult words

to do time - to serve a prison sentence;

to stun - to astonish or shock (someone) so that he or she is temporarily unable to react;

home free - in a secure or comfortable position, esp. because of being certain to succeed;

to look on the bright side - to find good things in a bad situation.

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