Final Word from Thursday, December 20, 2018

If Andrej Babiš is attacked, he hits back twice as hard. As long as the CR's ranking in the Transparency Int. Corruption Perceptions Index was rising, he gladly took credit for it. Once it started to fall, he went berserk and said it had nothing to do with his entry into the government. When TI started mapping his conflicts of interest, Babiš cast aspersions on its motives and its funding. When David Ondráčka of TI demonstrated that Babiš was still the beneficial owner of Agrofert, Babiš said he was lying and was playing politics. What's next, a tax raid? To avoid this, Babiš needs to realize that unlike the opposition and the opposition media, which take a no-holds-barred approach to him, TI operates with facts. It tracks them down, presents them, explains them and offers solutions. The sooner Babiš accepts this, the sooner he will invite Ondráčka to a sit-down to discuss constructive ways to resolve his conflict of interest. Attacking TI will never make the facts go away. [ Czech Republic European Commission ]

Glossary of difficult words

to embrace - to accept (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically;

berserk - out of control with anger or excitement;

aspersion - an attack on the reputation or integrity of someone or something;

no holds barred - with no limits or rules;

sit-down - a period or instance of sitting, as to relax, talk, or the like.

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