Final Word from Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Playing the victim has been so successful for Andrej Babiš that Foreign Min. Tomáš Petříček is getting into the act. He wrote on Facebook yesterday that he sees the damning criticism he has received so far from Klaus Sr. and Klaus Jr. as acknowledgement of his good work and will keep it up. This response was loved by those who see the world as Klaus and Havel (black and white). Babiš's noncommittal pre-Christmas comments were twisted to suggest that he might sack Petříček, but Babiš has no reason so far to disrupt the coalition in this way. Petříček makes almost everyone happy. Miroslav Poche has the cabinet seat he wants, Jan Hamáček's position within ČSSD is secure, the Havel team has its champion, and Babiš and Miloš Zeman have someone to beat on at will. Only if Petříček started doing something of true significance - opposing Nord Stream 2, reversing China policy, dismantling Visegrad - would he have a real reason to play the victim card. [ Czech Republic Václav minister Czech TV Television ]

Glossary of difficult words

to get into the act - to join something that is already in progress;

to keep something up - to continue doing something;

noncommittal - not expressing or revealing commitment to a definite opinion or course of action;

at will - at whatever time or in whatever way one pleases;

to dismantle - to take to pieces.


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