Final Word from Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Yesterday's decision by the GFŘ tax authority to cancel an IT tender for its Moje daně (My Taxes) portal was far more important that it might at first appear. Instead of careening ahead without a clear strategy and without Huawei, which was disqualified from the tender in Jan., the tax office will now step back, consult with the lawyers and with the NÚKIB cybersecurity agency, and come up with a bulletproof way to keep Huawei out of the game. A new tender will be announced in due time, and the legal arguments for banning Huawei on national-security grounds will then become a precedent that is used in numerous other cases at institutions that are part of critical infrastructure. Foreign Min. Tomáš Petříček will be able to assure U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Foggy Bottom on Fri. that everything is going according to Hoyle. Once Petříček does this, it will be extremely difficult for the CR to back down. Huawei's goose is cooked in the CR. [ Czech Republic United States State Dept. Washington D.C. China ]

Glossary of difficult words

one's goose is cooked - an idiom meaning that all hope is gone; there is no possibility of success;

to careen - to move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way;

bulletproof - infallible; not subject to correction, alteration, or modification;

in due time - at an appropriate time;

Foggy Bottom - a nickname for the U.S. State Department; the area of Washington, DC, where the State Dept. is located;

according to Hoyle - according to plan or the rules.


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