Final Word from Thursday, March 7, 2019

"Now that the ladies are gone, Mr. Prime Minister - can I call you Andy, I'm Don, really great to meet you - what's with this Forbes bullshit? I mean, they timed it to make me look bad, right? Like so what if it's the first time a richer politician than me has visited the White House. Come on, I've said a zillion times that I'm worth TEN BILLION and they put me at, what, three and some change? Please. Just my hotels are worth more than that. And Jared and I have some fantastic deals in the pipeline. I can't talk about that just yet. And you? I mean, Jesus, I saw your balance sheet. You're sitting on three billion in retained earnings. You need to learn to work with debt, my friend. Why don't you do a dividend recap the way that other Czech guy did, what's his name, right, Bakala. By the way, he's doing some great work for us over there. My people tell me you two have a problem, but we really need you to come to an arrangement, okay, good. Now about that Huawei thing...." [ Czech Republic Zdeněk OKD Agrofert Andrej Babiš Donald Trump White House Washington, DC ]

Glossary of difficult words

This is political satire: Donald Trump never said these things. Or at least most of them.

zillion - a very large but unspecific number of people or things;

and some change - a small, additional amount of something;

in the pipeline - in the process of being planned or developed;

retained earnings - the amount of net income left over for a business after it has paid out dividends to shareholders;

to sit on - to do nothing with or about;

dividend recap/recapitalization - a type of leveraged recapitalization in which a company borrows money to make a dividend payout to shareholders;

arrangement - an agreement with someone to do something.

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