Final Word from Monday, May 20, 2019

One week ago, Czech TV's "Reportéři ČT" investigative show quoted lawyer Petr Kuhn of BADOKH, who works for the creditors of OKD, as saying that he has evidence documenting that payments of Kč 24.5bn from OKD to Zdeněk Bakala and his partners in 2006-2007 were undoubtedly illegal. This is the subject of a civil dispute, and Kuhn and ČT left open the question of whether the payments were also criminal in nature. Czech TV had a chance to ask Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman about this on Thur., when he appeared on the Interview ČT24 show. "Was a crime committed? Is there Czech jurisdiction? Are the police and prosecutors examining the case? What are the chances that the money will be returned to OKD?" ČT didn't ask Pavel Zeman any of these questions. In fact, it didn't mention the Reportéři segment at all. It concentrated on Andrej Babiš's problems instead. ČT is schizophrenic: It condemns Bakala in one show and protects him in another. [ Czech Republic Mining loan agreement Citibank Television ]

Glossary of difficult words

civil - (law) relating to private relations between members of a community; non-criminal;

to condemn - to express disapproval of.

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