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A group of senators wants to impeach Miloš Zeman and has identified numerous grounds for doing so. One of the reasons, under Art. I. C. of the draft constitutional complaint, is the way Zeman repeatedly declared his intention in early May 2017 to interpret the announced resignation of PM Bohuslav Sobotka as applying only to Sobotka and to appoint someone else to the PM post while keeping the cabinet in place. Merely stating this publicly was a violation of the Constitution, the senators argue. Czech TV enlisted commentators at the time to criticize Zeman for this. Yet an opinion survey this week commissioned by ČT declared that 37% of respondents want the "continuation of the government without Andrej Babiš and other people who might have a conflict of interest." Constitutionally, this isn't possible. Why would a public TV station pose a question that presupposes unconstitutional behavior and then run it as its lead news item? It's a question for the ČT Council. [ Czech Republic coup d'état putsch Television Senátor 21 Václav Láska Median ]

Glossary of difficult words

to enlist - to engage (a person or his or her help or support);

to commission - to order or authorize the production of (something);

to pose - to raise (a question or matter for consideration);

to presuppose - to require as a precondition.

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